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Wholesale Lighters

Although vaping has its place, there is no comparison to the flavor and experience of smoking or dabbing cannabis. From joints and blunts, to bowels and bongs, virtually every way to smoke cannabis has one key commonality: the need for reliable lighters.

Wholesale lighters are the perfect accessory item for smoke and headshops to carry in-store. Whether online or through e-commerce, smoke shops will no doubt have a steady and consistent demand for high-performance wholesale lighters from their customers.

At Hara Brands, we know a thing or two about providing top-quality wholesale smoking accessories and supplies that wow customers and help headshops make a profit.

Our wholesale lighters are made by some of the industry’s leading manufacturers, produced to meet the highest of standards, and guaranteed to perform from first to last use.

Assorted Clipper Lighter: Designed with a shape uniquely crafted to fit into bowls for tapping them down. There re-fillable lighters are a big hit with customers.

Windproof Torch Lighter: Compact yet powerful, windproof torches are perfect for dabbing and outdoor use.

Novelty and BIC Lighters: Good old standard lighters available in unique styles and custom prints.

With Hara Brands your headshop will always be stocked with a supply of high-quality lighters and torches your customers will love and come to rely on every time they light up.

Call or message us today and find out why so many smoke shops trust us as their “go to” supplier and wholesaler of smoking accessories and tools. We’re standing by and eager to learn more about how we can help your business grow and prosper.






  • MSRP $1.99 - MSRP $1.99
    MSRP $1.99

    PRICE $1.99
    $1.99 - $1.99
    Current price PRICE $1.99

    Linse Lighter


    Description Ever burnt your thumb while trying to light your bowl? Linse brand lighters solve the problem that many people have dealt with for so ...

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    MSRP $1.99 - MSRP $1.99
    MSRP $1.99

    PRICE $1.99
    $1.99 - $1.99
    Current price PRICE $1.99