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Wholesale Rolling Papers and Hemp Wraps

No headshop or smoke shop is complete without a solid selection of wholesale rolling papers and hemp wraps. But not all wholesale rolling papers and hemp wraps will do.

With growing demand and a wider selection of options on the market, your customers now only deserve, but demand the very best.

At Hara Brands, we’re committed to helping head shops and smoke shops expand their business, sell more products, and earn more customers. We bring you the best wholesale hemp wraps and wholesale rolling papers manufactured to the highest standards of quality.

Our products are designed and developed with the end customer in mind, following demand cycles, trends and making sure you have the right items needed to wow your customers and give them exactly what they need and want.

Rolling papers and hemp wraps are common smoking accessory items customers need daily, weekly and monthly. Get it right by partnering with Hara Brands, and you’ll have customers coming back to you regularly for the products they know will help them have the best experience with their dry herbs.

Top Features of Hara Brands Wholesale Rolling Papers Include:

  • Luxury paper options
  • Classic and modern designs
  • Novelty papers
  • Organic options
  • Flavored papers 
  • Hemp paper
  • Standard and king size
  • Custom sizes
  • Pre-roll cones
  • And more…

We carry a wide line-up of industry-leading papers and hemp wraps ready to fill your store shelves. Give your customers the staples they need to enjoy their favorite dry herb strains and blends.

Call or message us today and find out how we can help your headshop earn more customers, sell more product and make more profit. 






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