Wholesale Torches

The world of cannabis has exploded in popularity, and with so many smokers joining the fray, the demand for potent, pure, and powerful concentrates is higher than ever before.

Wholesale torches from Hara Brands ensure your customers have the right tool for the job, providing them with reliable and efficient wholesale torches suitable for any type of dab rig and nail. When it comes to dabbing concentrates, having a consistent, reliable and powerful heat source is key to getting the most out of their wax, butter, shatter or other concentrate.

Our lineup of wholesale torches are just what your customers need to optimally and efficiently heat their dab nails, allowing them to easily and reliably control the heat of their nails to release the perfect combination of cannabinoids and terpenes with every use.

Hara Brands carries a selection of the industry’s best torches at affordable prices, offering extreme value that can be passed on down to your headshop or smoke shop customers.

Wholesale Torch Selection Includes:

  • Traditional Torch Lighters
  • Mini Torch (perfect for travel or when on the go)
  • Clean and efficient butane torches
  • Windproof torches
  • Small, medium and jumbo torches 

When a standard “gas station lighter” just won’t cut it, give your customers the right tools to fully enjoy their dab rigs. Our torches are industry tested and engineered to perform, heating bangers and nails quickly and reliably.

As a leader in wholesale smoking gear, accessories, and glassware, Hara Brands is dedicated to helping headshops and smoke shops stock their shelves with innovative, high-performing lines of products that excite customers and create loyal fans.

Call or message us today and find out why so many store owners trust us to help them grow their business.