AROMAS Candles Maui Wowie (50 Units)

by Aromas Candles

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HEMPER Aromas is a new terpene-infused candle line developed by our in-house Aromachologists. Designed to enhance and elevate your smoking experience by introducing terpenes that create positive vibes all around.  

A tropical scent that will allow your mind to drift away to a creative escape. Coupled with stress-relieving qualities it will float you straight to the shores of Hawaii where this scent originated. Crafted from the finest sweet Mango, Rose Hips, and Tamarind flavors.

  • 1 8oz Tin Maui Wowie Candle
  • Notes of: Mango, Rose Hips, Tamarind
  • Burn Time: 25-30 Hours
  • Made in Los Angeles, California
  •  **Trim the wick before use**


  • 1 Maui Wowie Candle