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HEMPER - 5" Shock Absorbent Glass Pad

MSRP $7.99
MSRP $7.99 - MSRP $7.99
MSRP $7.99

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Current price PRICE $4.00

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All new original HEMPER Shock Absorbent glass pads are fresh in! 

Why do you need a shock absorbent pad? Because glass breaks! We've specially designed our glass pads to protect your rigs from hard surfaces, that means no more accidental chips or cracks from your friends manhandling your glass.

The fabric top is both classy and functional, providing a smooth surface to place your glass on.

Give your glass a swanky new home with one of our nine super-functional Shock Absorbent Glass Pads.


  • 13 Styles Available
  • 5" Inches in diameter


(1) HEMPER 5" Shock Absorbent Glass Pad

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