Wholesale Bubblers

Are you looking for an affordable, high-quality selection of the industry’s top-rated bubblers for your head shop or smoke shop?

At Hara Brands we take pride in providing access to an impressive selection of wholesale bubblers that will transform your customers into raving fans.

Best of all, our optimized supply chains, industry connections and relationships with manufacturers mean that you can get your hands on bulk bubblers at prices that won’t break the bank.

Bubblers are an often-preferred way for smokers to enjoy their favorite herb. Styles and designs have evolved over the years. Yet one major concern has been the irregularity in quality over the years, with many customers losing faith in the “no-name” brands offered by head and smoke shops.



Let Hara restore confidence in your store and brand with innovative, performance-minded durable bubblers that will leave your customers impressed.

At Hara we know a thing or two about the types of products will fly off the shelves. Our team works hand in hand with retailers to offer bulk products that sell and help them turn a solid profit.

Are you ready to explore our lineup of best-selling bubblers? Search our site or drop us a message and find out why so many head shops and smoke shops trust us as their supplier for all of their smoking essentials. 

Standout Features of Our Bubblers 

  • Wholesale pricing
  • Broad range of popular designs and styles
  • Innovative and creative models 
  • Highly durable
  • Quality and performance tested
  • Fast, reliable shipping
  • The best bubblers from the best brands