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Wholesale Ashtrays

Every headshop and smoke shop has certain essential items they know their customers expect and demand to be on the shelves. Whether you run an e-commerce headshop or a traditional brick and mortar smoke shop, wholesale ashtrays are a necessary item to have stocked and readily available. 

At Hara Brands, our assortment of wholesale ashtrays can effectively and reliably fill this need. We work directly with manufacturers and brands to bring you the highest quality products at an incredible value, leaving plenty of room for markup and margin on every product sold.

We provide a variety of styles, shapes colors and designs, ranging from simple and reliable classic wholesale ashtrays, to ergonomic wholesale debowling ashtrays with an integrated cache.

Wholesale Debowing Ashtray – Any smoker who enjoys joints, bowls or blunts knows there is one significant downside to smoking: ashes and debris. Smoking dry herb can be messy business if you’re not prepared. Help your customers keep their smoking areas clean and ash-free with specially designed debowler ashtrays that effectively catch and contain ash from pipes, bowls, joints, blunts and cones. Best of all, some of our models come with a built-in poker and cleaning tool for added functionality.

Other Wholesale Ashtrays Include but Are Not Limited to:

  • Novelty and specialty designs
  • Silicone ashtrays
  • Metal ashtrays 
  • And more…

When it comes to products that impress customers and help head shops and smoke shops increase sales, no one does it better than Hara Brands. We bring decades of experience to the table, helping our customers grow their brand, increase sales, and improve the bottom line.

Call or message us today, and find out why so many smoke shops trust Hara Brands to provide them with wholesale ashtrays and other smoking accessories that will keep customers coming back for more.