Wholesale Pre-Rolled Cones

Legalization of cannabis across the US and in other jurisdictions has resulted in a surge in new users and demand for related items, one of which includes wholesale pre rolled cones.

Also known as wholesale prerolls, this item is flying off the shelves as newcomers and seasoned smokers alike enjoy the convenience, simplicity, and “ready to go” nature of these cones.

Although rolling cones by hand can be a rewarding experience in its own right, doing so takes time patience and skill. This leaves many smoke shop and headshop customers looking for a fast, efficient, and reliable way to enjoy their cannabis. 

Wholesale pre rolled cones are machine-rolled under the most stringent of quality control measures, ensuring an optimally shaped and rolled cone with every production run.

At Hara Brands, our pre-rolled cones are affordable, reliable, and available in a wide range of styles, shapes and sizes. Give your customers what they want and shop our selection of industry-leading pre-rolled cones today.

Features/Selection of Our Wholesale Pre Rolled Cones:

  • Raw, organic, natural hemp cones
  • Novelty patterns such as “$100 bill” prints
  • Classic designs
  • Trident cones
  • Multiple sizes available 

Give your customers the ability to light up quickly and efficiently without having to mess around with rolling their own cones. Pre-rolls provide portability, require no additional setup and are ready to “go” at a moment’s notice.

Call or message our team today and find out why we’re the preferred supplier and wholesaler for head and smoke shops all around the world. Our team is standing by and ready to put our decades of experience to work for you.