Wholesale Rolling Trays

Those who enjoy smoking dry herb often prefer going old school, rolling their own joints, blunts, spliffs or cones. Yet every smoker knows that rolling can be a mess if you don’t have the right surface to work on.

Wholesale rolling trays are just what your headshop or smoke shop needs to support customers who prefer to roll their own joints. Our wholesale trays are expertly designed and engineered to simplify the process of rolling and make the process more enjoyable.

Give your Customers the Right Rolling Surface! 

Rolling takes practice and skill to get just right. It also takes an optimally designed surface to evenly and smoothly roll paper, as well as catch any loose cannabis or tobacco that might fall out while assembling the joint or blunt.

Our wholesale rolling trays bring innovation and simplicity to the process, providing a flat, slip resistant surface that is ideal for organizing and assembling accessories and tools such as scissors, paper, herb and more.

Choose from an exciting assortment of wholesale rolling trays including:

  • Fun and exciting designs 
  • Novelty trays
  • Party rolling trays
  • Plastic, metal, and natural wood options
  • Large lap-sized trays for extra workspace
  • And more…

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