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Joints and blunts have long been traditional favorites among smokers. But they aren’t without their downsides. Wholesale filter tips are the perfect complementary accessory, providing customers with a myriad of benefits that enable them to enjoy each smoking session to the fullest.

As a leading supplier of wholesale filter tips, Hara Brands is committed to bringing the best products to market, at prices that are affordable and provide incredible value for head shops and smoke shops alike.

Benefits of Our Wholesale Filter Tips

  • Provides a Solid Structure and Base for Joints
  • Improves rolling efficiency and quality
  • Enables smokers to enjoy the entirety of the joint without burning their lips or fingers
  • Eliminates the need for roach clips
  • Are more hygienic
  • Offers a solid tip and edge on which to balance lips and teeth
  • Can enhance suction and airflow
  • Assists in an even consistent burn rate
  • Aid in maintaining shape and form while being smoked
  • And more…

We’ve all experienced poorly rolled joints or those that end up falling apart. Wholesale glass and paper tips can prevent these and other issues while ensuring your customers have a superior experience every time they light up.

At Hara Brands we have an impressive line-up of the best glass tips and paper filter tips that customers love. Reach out to us today and find out why so many head and smoke shops rely on us as their #1 supplier of wholesale smoking products and accessories.

We’re committed to making sure your business succeeds and that we all grow together.





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Hemper Paper Filter Tips (50 Units)

Hemper Glass Filter Tip Display - 50ct

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Hemper Glass Filter Tip Display - 50ct