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Wholesale Dab Mats & Containers

The popularity of Dabbing is on the rise, and with it, the demand for related accessories and supplies like Wholesale Dab Mats and Containers.

Don’t leave your customers hanging or shopping elsewhere for the staples they now rely on. Partner with Hara Brands and provide your customers with an impressive assortment of wholesale dab mats & containers perfect for at home or on the go.

Our team is dedicated to bringing the best products to market, working hand in hand with manufacturers to ensure the highest standards of quality, while keeping prices at a level that provides extreme value and opportunity for smoke shops and headshops alike.

Smokers are fed up with sticky messy tables after each time they light up, and in desperate need of a work area and safe place to set down their glassware, dab rigs, nails and bangers.

Help them protect their glassware, organize accessories and never drop or miss concentrates again. Our wholesale dab mats and containers allow them to enjoy their dabs on a non-stick surface that protects their coffee tables from ruin.

Hara Brands Wholesale Dab Mats and Containers Include:

  • Non-stick glass surfaces
  • Heat-resistant silicone mats 
  • Shock absorbent pads to protect gear from chips and cracks
  • Elegant and functional fabric tops
  • Smooth, durable and reliable surface areas to work on
  • Eco-friendly, non-stick silicone containers for transportation and storage
  • And more…

Call or message us today and find out why so many headshop and smoke shop owners and managers trust Hara Brands to help them grow and prosper. Our team is standing by and ready to help you find the perfect selection of wholesale products that will fly off the shelves and turn prospective customers into loyal fans for life.





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