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Hemper - 14mm Male Quartz Trough Banger Nail

MSRP $19.99
MSRP $19.99 - MSRP $19.99
MSRP $19.99

Current price PRICE $10.00
$10.00 - $10.00
Current price PRICE $10.00

Profit $9.99 Profit $9.99


This Quartz banger features a trough shaped dish for the connoisseur seeking out that unique look! 

It functions the same as a standard banger, but this elongated shape is sure to catch your friends eyes!

Why Quartz?  Quartz is far more durable compared to glass!  Quartz nails are far more resistant to cracking overtime compared to their glass counterparts. 


    • 14mm Male Trough banger
    SKU DLQ-024-14

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