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HEMPER - Cache Cup Smokeless Ashtray

MSRP $60.00
MSRP $60.00 - MSRP $60.00
MSRP $60.00

Current price PRICE $30.00
$30.00 - $30.00
Current price PRICE $30.00

Profit $30.00 Profit $30.00

Product Description 

The Cache Cup ashtray looks like an ordinary coffee cup, but it is packed with features that any smoker needs, making it the perfect collection addition for retailers. Beneath the smellproof lid, the Cache Cup hides a smokeless ashtray with a pyramid poker and a separate lidded storage area, so all of the smoking needs can be kept in one discreet form.

The cup is designed with a plastic order-proof lid so smokers can take the ashtray with them without worrying about the odor. The lidded storage container offers a place to store smoking goods like a lighter and tool. The tapered pyramid-shaped poker is specially shaped to perfectly ash almost any size bowl without the need for banging, shaking, or using a tool to clear the bowl. It also features corner resting areas to place rolled goods when you don’t want to hold them.

This must-have Cache Cup Smokeless Ashtray comes in a display of 6 and is available in black and white.



  • 5.25 in x 3.7in
  • ~6 oz.
  • Order proof lid
  • Pyramid poker
  • Lidded storage
  • Fits All Standard Cup Holders
  • 6 units per display
  • 12 displays per case
  • Available in black and white
Color: White
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