Wholesale Novelty Pipes

Are you a headshop or smoke shop owner or manager looking for something special for your store? Wholesale novelty smoking pipes can easily set you apart from the competition and provide your customers with something truly unique and inspiring.

Every shop carries the “necessities” and the tried and true standard glassware and accessories. But few have ventured into the realm of high-quality novelty items.

Our selection of wholesale novelty smoking pipes make the perfect gifts, and tend to fly off the shelves for holidays and special occasions, leaving customers eager to learn more about the next release. 

At Hara Brands we have a unique and evolving line of wholesale novelty smoking pipes including but not limited to:

  • Unique and exciting collaborations with artists, musicians, influencers and more
  • Holiday themed glassware and pipes
  • Novelty pipes designed for special occasions 
  • Nostalgic designs based on pop culture

Give your customers something truly special this year and wow them with novelty pipes that will have them eager to come back for more.

We’re committed to providing smoke shops and headshops with high-quality, high performing glassware that flies off the shelves, impresses customers, and ensures everyone wins with a healthy margin for markup.

Call or message us today and find out more about our exciting and innovative line-up of specialty and novelty wholesale smoking pipes. Our specialists can help you choose the best products for your shop, ensuring you always get the best value.

We’re committed to your success and ready to do everything we can to make sure your purchase yields a strong return for your business.