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Wholesale One Hitters & Chillums

Wholesale one hitters and wholesale chillums are staple products for any headshop or smoke shop to have in stock. Available in a wide range of shapes, styles, colors and materials, Hara Brands has everything you need to give your customers what they want.

Chillums, also known as “one hitters”, are small pipes used for short smoking sessions. They are compact, discreet and powerful, making them a favorite among casual users to regular smokers alike.

Simple to Use: A key feature of a one hitter or chillum is that they do not utilize a carburetor or any other mechanics. They are incredibly simple to use and require not setup or special instructions.

Easy to Maintain: Simplistic design makes them easy to keep in top working condition.

Reliable: Their straight forward approach to smoking means every hit is as reliable and potent as the last.

Styles: Hara Brand’s selection of wholesale one hitters and chillums provides customers with a broad variety of colors, designs, sizes and options to choose from.

When you shop at Hara Brands for wholesale one hitters, chillums and other glassware, you’re shopping with a partner that cares and is invested in the success of your brand and store. From online headshops to traditional local smoke shops, we’re here to help you grow and prosper.

We vet out the best products at the best prices in the business, working directly with manufacturers to bring you affordable product lines that overdeliver and wow your customers.

Reach out today and talk with one of our specialists. We’re standing by and eager to help.


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