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HEMPER - Anystem | Adjustable Downstem Display 12 Count

MSRP $179.88
MSRP $179.88 - MSRP $179.88
MSRP $179.88

Current price PRICE $90.00
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Current price PRICE $90.00

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Product Description

This cutting-edge anystem will take your customer’s smoking experience to the next level. It takes the worry out of replacing broken downstems. The silicone housing tightly fits into most standard bong joints, eliminating embarrassing accidents with the bowl getting stuck or the downstem becoming dislodged from the water pipe. The borosilicate glass downstem adjusts up to 6 inches so smokers can get the perfect water level in any piece without worry. Made from heat-resistant materials and built to last, the Hemper AnyStem is the perfect addition to any water pipe.

The anystem comes in a box of 12 stems and will be a great addition to stores and webshops since it will definitely sell fast.


  • Heat & Impact Resistant Silicone
  • Fully Adjustable Glass Percolator (from 3.8” to 6”)
  • Slitted Percolator
  • Prevents glass-on-glass contact 
  • 12 Count
Color: Black
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