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HEMPER - Ash Catcher Plus Display 10 Count

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Product Description

Bongs get dirty pretty quickly, and you can notice resin and carbon build up on the glass after just one use. On top of that, bongs can be difficult to clean, and cleaning them often can increase the users chances of breaking them. Now you can keep your glass and lungs cleaner with the Ashcatcher+. All of the ashes from your hit get captured by the percolator chamber and the remaining smoke is filtered through the carbon filter to get rid of excess contaminants and resin. 

This easy-to-clean filter system will keep your glass cleaner up to 20x longer and will ensure a clean hit every time. The carbon filter can be replaced easily and will work for up to 200+ uses.


  • Heat & Impact Resistant Silicone 
  • Glass percolator 
  • Fits most bongs with downstems - 14mm male joint to 14mm female joint
  • Heat resistant nylon material
  • Combo ashcatcher and carbon filter
  • Magnetic Lighter Holder
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