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HEMPER - Mango Quick Hitter - Multi-Use Disposable One Hitter

MSRP $59.80
MSRP $59.80 - MSRP $59.80
MSRP $59.80

Current price PRICE $36.00
$36.00 - $36.00
Current price PRICE $36.00

Profit $23.80 Profit $23.80

The QuickHitter by HEMPER is the world’s first Flavor Infused Multi-Use Disposable One Hitter! This is a game-changer for your customers and will sell with ease. It has some incredible specs and is available in six delicious flavors. Besides mango, we also sell these easy-to-use quick hitters in watermelon, blueberry, grape, banana, and the classic non-flavored. Sold best in our Quick Hitters POP at the Front Counter!


  • Heat-resistant ceramic bowl
  • Eco-friendly paper design
  • Real fruit terpenes
  • Made with 100% food-grade safe materials
  • All natural built-in pre-rolled tips
  • 2 quick hitters per pack
  • 20 packs per display

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