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HEMPER - Piggy Bank XL Bong 9.5"

MSRP $149.99
MSRP $149.99 - MSRP $149.99
MSRP $149.99

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Current price PRICE $75.00

Profit $74.99 Profit $74.99
Product Description

The Piggy Bank XL Bong not only looks expensive but will have your customers feeling like a million bucks after a few rips. The XL version of this Piggy Bank features a large showerhead to help create large clouds of smoke. Ideal for creating a luxurious experience, the Piggy Bank XL Bong is designed for connoisseurs who want both style and performance. Its high-capacity design ensures smooth, consistent draws, making it perfect for those who appreciate quality and sophistication in their smoking accessories. Elevate your inventory with a product that meets the demands of discerning customers. Complete the Piggy Bank Family collection with the Piggy Bank Bong, Dollar Bowl, and Piggy Bank Carb Cab


  • Height: 9"
  • Diameter: 5"
  • Percolator: Large showerhead
  • Thickness: 5 mm
  • Large Piggy Bank Base

What's Included

(1) Piggy Bank XL Bong
(1) 14mm Dollar Themed Male Joint Flower Bowl
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