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HEMPER - Grape Quick Tips - Display 10ct

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MSRP $44.85

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Current price PRICE $20.00

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Product Description

Choose from six deliciously smooth flavors. Each pack includes 5 filter tips for endless flavored fun. Infused with terpenes, the tips will enhance the smoke with a delicate touch of flavor.

Flavor tips that fits most types of pre-rolls. Paper Straw is biodegradable for easy disposal. Bullet Filter Tip to prevent any loose material or flavor beads from exiting the mouth piece end. Blister Pack packaging is easy to bring with you and makes using a tip more convenient


  • Each pack contains 5 flavored tips
  • 10ct Display
  • 24 Display Units Per Case
  • 100% Natural
  • No Tobacco/ GMO
  • Non GMO Hemp
  • Squeeze Each Flavor Bead until a click is heard.
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