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Wholesale Cleaning Gear

Smoking can be a messy business for your customers, with chemicals from torches, resin, particulates, and even bacteria and mold spores invading and clogging up bongs. 

This makes the addition of wholesale bong cleaning gear a must-have for any serious headshop or smoke shop. A clean bong makes for a happier smoker. Help your customers reap the benefits of keeping their bong clean, sanitary and ready for each session.

Our wholesale bong cleaning gear is available as individual products or as part of a kit or package, designed to help smokers keep their bongs, pipes, glassware and other accessories well-maintained.

A clean bong isn’t just healthier, it ensures each hit taken from it is smooth, potent, and full of natural flavor from their favorite strains, without any nasty off-flavors from built-up gunk, resin, or bacteria.

At Hara Brands we work tirelessly to help you beat the competition, offering a wide selection of innovative, industry-leading product lines at prices that won’t break the bank. With our wholesale bong cleaning gear, you can make glass pipe and bong cleaning a breeze for your customers.

Choose from wholesale bong cleaning gear including water pipe cleaning kits, cleaning plugs and caps, eco-friendly and people-safe cleaning solutions, cleaning boxes/kits, cleaning wipes and more.

Our team is standing by and eager to learn more about how we can help you stock your shelves with products your customers will love, all at a healthy markup that ensures your continued growth, profitability and success.

Call or message us today to speak with an expert who is dedicated to helping you succeed.