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Wholesale Glass Pipes & Bongs

Bongs are a staple product for any head shop or smoking accessories retailer. However, finding affordable, high-quality bongs and glassware that matches customer demand and exceeds expectations can be a challenge.

As a leading wholesaler of bongs and smoking accessories, Hara Brands is committed to bringing the best wholesale bong solutions, inventory and products to market. 

We’re dedicated to helping headshops, smoke shops and other retailers (both on and offline) find the perfect solutions for their customers at affordable prices that make sure everyone is a winner.

Our team focuses on providing bulk bongs, glassware and other smoking products and accessories that help smoke and headshops meet the evolving demands of their customers, earn them new business, and ensure they experience continued growth and success for years to come.

Benefits of Wholesale Bongs / Bulk Bongs from Hara 

As leaders in the space, we have our thumb on the pulse of the market, identifying trends and unique innovations that bring customers into your shop and have them coming back for more.

Our deep insight into purchase behavior enables us to assist our clients with inventory management, projecting demand, and with product selection.

Standout Features of Hara Bongs:

  • Available in bulk and wholesale
  • Affordable competitive pricing allows for solid margins
  • Engineered for superior performance and durability
  • Produced by vetted manufacturers dedicated to quality and reliability 
  •  Impressive range of product selection 
  • Innovative designs, specialty bongs, collaborations and more

Help your customers find the perfect bong by providing them with the best options on the market, all at competitive prices that help you grow your business.