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Wholesale Storage

With Cannabis use on the rise, and more states legalizing its use, more individuals are in need of a reliable, safe, discreet and effective way to store and transport their marijuana. 

A wholesale storage container for marijuana is just what your customers are looking for. At Hara Brands we have an assortment of innovative, ergonomic and high-quality wholesale storage containers for marijuana that will help your customers keep their bud safe and secure at home or on the go.

When baggies and Tupperware won’t cut it, a cannabis storage container is the “go-to” for those serious about keeping their marijuana fresh, protected, and hidden.

Our line-up of wholesale marijuana storage containers are microbe-resistant, easy to clean, airtight to keep out moisture, and utilize scent-lock technology to ensure the stash is stored away discreetly.

From silicone containers to smell-proof baggies and multi-function containers, we have everything your customers need. 

Features of Our Containers Include:

  • Waterproof and moisture-proof
  • Air-tight to maintain freshness
  • Ergonomic designs
  • Discreet packaging and containers
  • Smell and odor proof 
  • Available in multiple styles and sizes

Your customers need a reliable way to store and carry their marijuana. Give them what they’re looking for with premium and affordable wholesale storage containers for cannabis from Hara Brands.

Call or message us today and get connected with an expert who can help you make the perfect product selections that will fly off the shelves and have your customers coming back for more.